Lecturing “Querying and Manipulating EDMs” at the East of Toronto .NET User Group, June 8th, 2012

On June 8th, 6:30pm, I will be giving a lecture at the “East of Toronto .NET User Group” in  the Pickering Central Library, Ontario @easttorontoug, labeled: “Querying and Manipulating EDMs”.

The Entity Data Model, being the backbone of Entity Framework, hides the skeleton of our conceptual entities, as well as the actual data-source structure and the mapping between them, all wrapped in a three layer model.

It is essential to understand how these layers interact with each other, how to access the data from, and what is being performed under-the-hood. In this session we will go through and understand the various layers and their roles, learn how to code against the data model from within LINQ & Entity-SQL (ESQL), and understand the process that is performed while our queries make their way to the DB.

We will also see advanced querying methods, such as: Joins, Nested queries, Grouping, and more, and understand the implications and implementations of transactions and concurrency issues.

If you’re interested in understanding how the Entity Framework plumbing works, I’ll be glad to see you in the session.

For more details, please see the event information here.

See you there!


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