My name is Erez Harari (MCT, MCPD, and MCTS).

I’m the CTO of Sela Canada, specializing in Microsoft technologies, both Server side and Client side.

Formerly a CTO, VP R&D, and Senior Architect & Consultant, I’ve been writing code nonstop ever since I was 11 years old, and have been working in the Hi-tech industry since I was 17.

In my history there are 10 years of authoring C++, 2 years of coding Java and over 10 years of mastering Microsoft .Net technologies, ever since it was first released as beta during the year 2000.

Being a server side specialist, mastering a wide area of server-side technologies, such as: data oriented technologies (such as Entity Framework), connectivity technologies (such as: WCF and Azure), and of course a variety of database engines.

On the other hand, I’m also an experience Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and Kinect for Windows developer.

Always craving for new technology, from programming languages to gadgets, and never, ever, satisfied.

I also play, compose and write original music (mostly guitar and keyboards), into Progressive-Rock, Jazz and Jazz-Rock.

SCI-FI is a way for me to compensate for not becoming a space explorer (or an astrophysicist…).

You’re welcome to visit my Linked-In profile for more details or follow my twitter @HarariErez.


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